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Globe raises questions over NTC results

Based on the second quarter National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Benchmarking results, it is evident that the Globe network performance has progressively improved.  Globe surpassed all NTC standards, which indicate that its modernization program is delivering on its objectives. More details after the jump.

However, Globe Telecom said its continuous drive towards superior network quality and performance calls for a deeper look into the numbers revealed by the NTC tests.

"The network performance measurement equipment of Globe generates network quality KPIs  and more extensive drive tests done by Globe, including the NTC drive test routes, showed a major difference from the latest NTC test results. This may indicate a need to jointly review the latest NTC results in the interest of transparency," said Cris Crisostomo, Globe Head of Service Quality, Network Technical Group.

“We have registered our concerns with the NTC in relation to this matter and now ask for a further review and evaluation on how the results were arrived at by the NTC,” Crisostomo said.

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