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Globe Telecom seeks to install ODAS solution in Forbes Park

Globe Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (ODAS)
Globe Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (ODAS)

Globe Telecom is seeking an approval to install outdoor distributed antenna system (ODAS) in Forbes Park in Makati City in a bid to improve connectivity in the upscale subdivision. The first telecommunications company to make use of the ODAS technology in the country, Globe Telecom is offering the use of ODAS as part of efforts to deliver stronger mobile phone signal for its subscribers, in step with its network modernization initiatives.

“The ODAS solution is best suited for urban and suburban areas that require signal enhancement. It will address perennial wireless signal concerns as well as future mobile service needs of the residents while meeting the height restrictions, social acceptability and aesthetic issues of the community,” said Emmanuel Estrada, Globe Head of Network Technologies Strategy.

The ODAS technology is a network of small cell sites, instead of typical macro cell sites with shared equipment connected through fiber optic links. The solution makes use of a specialized lamp posts with radio signal transmission capability deployed along sidewalks.

“The solution effectively enhances coverage by bringing radio signals closer to subscribers and that it enables both outdoor and indoor signal coverage.  In addition, the technology’s design can be integrated with newer technologies such as WiFi, FTTH and LTE depending on the coverage objectives of the village,” Estrada said.

The ODAS infrastructure supports all frequency bands used by wireless carriers and the technology has a scalable system to future-proof the system for new technologies, he stressed.

In addition, the ODAS technology’s low profile antenna system has less visual impact compared to a traditional tower or rooftop cell sites.

“The ODAS technology has been marked as best solution for high-profile subdivisions as it blends-in aesthetically with lamp post design and it also enables signal coverage in both outdoor and indoor areas,” he added.

Moreover, the use of multiple low-power, ranging from 3-10 watts distributed antennas allows for greater coverage reach compared to a traditional macro cell site that requires a power output of anywhere between 100 to 300 watts.

Other advantages of the ODAS solution include possibility for faster implementation due to fewer zoning or permitting hurdles, low maintenance and easy to upgrade.

The ODAS technology has been successfully deployed in Forbes Park’s neighboring subdivision of Dasmarinas Village.

Source: Globe Telecom

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