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Constantly on top, Kaspersky Internet Security wins another top independent award!

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of security content and threat management solutions , announces that Kaspersky Internet Security, its security solution for home users, took first place for its protection capabilities and received AV Comparatives’ highest Advanced + award in an independent four-month test. More details after the jump.

In the March-June 2013 edition of the independent organization’s Whole Product Dynamic Real-World Protection test, Kaspersky Lab’s solution blocked 99.9% of all threats unleashed in the testing.

The testing was designed to analyze how effectively security solutions could detect and block ‘In the Wild’ threats: AV-Comparatives experts only used those malware samples which were found in real-world Internet malware attacks from March to June 2013.

The testing was conducted on computers running under Windows 7 with popular applications installed such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Flash Player ActiveX, Apple QuickTime, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Office, NET Framework, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, and VideoLAN VLC Media Player.

Cybercriminals often seek to exploit vulnerabilities in these products when targeting PC users.

The test used 1,972 different threats and Kaspersky Lab’s product blocked all but two of them. Other products which earned the highest ranking in the test missed up to 27 items.

At the same time, Kaspersky Internet Security returned only one false positive, against an average of eight among its rivals.

Over the four months of testing Kaspersky Internet Security’s result never dropped below 99.8%. In March and May the solution delivered 100% protection, helping secure its top status.

“The nature of the IT security industry, unlike many other related areas of software development, makes it impossible to rest on the laurels of one good product and release only sporadic updates. A top-quality security solution demands constant work to improving malware-detection technologies. This ultimately results in the consistently high level of protection which our product provides. Long-term tests, such as the test by AV-Comparatives, are very useful as they clearly demonstrate the quality level of such solutions,” said Oleg Ishanov, Director, Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky Lab.

AV-Comparatives is one of the most authoritative international testing organizations. The methodology used by its experts to test security products is commonly recognized and has repeatedly received high awards from IT security experts. To find more information on AV-Comparatives testing results, please visit the organization’s website.

To learn more about Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Lab technologies designed to combat cyberthreats, see the company's website at http://www.kaspersky.com/.

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