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Kamcord surpasses 1 billion mobile gameplay recordings!

Kamcord New Watch UI

Kamcord, creators of an iOS SDK that lets users record and share actual videos of their mobile gameplays, announced that it has recorded over 1 billion gameplay videos. In June 2012, Kamcord was the first to release a solution that lets users record their mobile gaming sessions and share them to the various social networks. The Y Combinator startup has been growing rapidly since then. More details after the jump.

Announces $1M in additional funding from Tencent and Innovation Works

The team of 9 in San Francisco has its sights set on recording 1 billion gameplay videos in a single day! In order to grow the team towards achieving that goal, Kamcord raised an additional $1M in funding from Tencent and Kai-Fu Lee’s Innovation Works. Kamcord had previously raised $1.5M in seed funding from Tencent, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, and others soon after it graduated from Y Combinator’s summer 2012 session.

Kamcord released a case study in partnership with Deemedya and its marque game Trial Xtreme 3, a multiplayer stunt biking game. Trial Xtreme 3 has Kamcord integrated and saw 122,000 videos being shared from the game just for the month of July. Users have shared 300,000 videos over the entire lifetime of the game. Every time someone watches a Kamcord video, they can click through to the Apple App Store and Google Play to download the game.

“Kamcord has helped our game get great exposure on key social media channels, winning us more downloads and popularity. Plus, users love Kamcord! They use it to improve their riding skills and to achieve better scores,” said Doron Kagan, founder of Deemedya.

“We have worked incredibly hard to keep the sharing and video watching flow as simple as possible and are very pleased with how many videos are being shared,” said Aditya Rathnam, Kamcord co-founder. “The simplicity of the Kamcord flow in addition to a flexible UI that can be completely customized in order to match the look and feel of the game is a big part of why game developers are so excited about adding Kamcord to their games.”

Kamcord has released a number of features recently to make its gameplay video sharing and watching experience more social. The new Kamcord website will let users browse videos from the top Kamcord games and discover cool new games. The Kamcord SDK now lets users create profiles and like videos. The ability to comment on videos and subscribe to the top gamers in the world is coming in the next couple weeks. The new Kamcord SDK also contains what the company calls an “infinite playlist” – a playlist of the very best videos from that game compiled in one place. All these social features are aimed at bringing users back to the game daily.

Check out Kamcord site at http://kamcord.com for more information.

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