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The Strike of KINGMAX OTG Products - Intercepting Mobile Mnemonics


The use of portable devices has become popular, and the use of traditional standard USB flash drives is no longer enough; especially when mobile phones and tablets have also become platforms for processing documents and files, the countless numbers of cables and accessories have started to confuse users. This is why in the current day and age where people focus on the efficiency of data transmission, traditional flash drives can no longer satisfy consumers!

The thin bodies of portable devices are usually equipped with a Micro USB slot; therefore the need for a Micro USB flash drive market is becoming more and more important. In times where every second counts, the plug & play access function makes it more user-friendly.

One of the leading memory brands, KINGMAX, has recently released two flash drive products in succession, PJ-01 and PJ-02, that both support the On-The-Go function. These products demonstrate KINGMAX’s continual focus on the needs of mobile phone and tablet users and are recommended as high quality products. File sharing no longer requires carrying lots of cables and connectors; KINGMAX hopes to use one product to satisfy the consumers’ needs!

Mix and Match Fashion Dazzle Transmission – PJ-01


PJ-01 is a flash drive dedicated to portable devices. Portable devices with thin casings are usually equipped with a Micro USB port, therefore PJ-01 uses Micro USB as its main transmission interface. With its ultralight-weight aluminum design and full transparency, the stunning appearance of PJ-01 makes mobile phones and tablets even more charming. PJ-01 comes in 8/16/32GB storage capacities, and the files can be accessed and modified by mobile phones and tablets directly; it is an extremely friendly product for the mobile population!

Dual Interface Plug & Play, Exchage data so easy – PJ-02


PJ-02 has two transmission interfaces: standard USB and Micro USB; it can be used on desktops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and other devices. The high compatibility allows users to safely use PJ-02 on various hosts without having to worry about it being unable to be accessed; it is convenient to share files so that both business and private documents can be displayed on the device. The compact exterior of PJ-02 includes a keyhole design so that consumers can easily travel with it! Its support of the On-The-Go function increases its work efficiency, making it an indispensable product for workers and students who focus on efficiency!

For more information: http://bit.ly/1iOlFmY


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  1. Pero useless parin ito kung ang unit mo hindi OTG capable..Tama ba ako?


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