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[PROMO ALERT] Upgrade to a new iPad with Power Mac Center’s ‘Trade to Upgrade’ offer!

Power Mac Center

Upgrading to the latest iPad is now made easy for Apple enthusiasts at Power Mac Center. As the most reliable Apple partner in the Philippines celebrates its 20th anniversary, Power Mac Center introduces an exclusive trade-up offer that makes it more attractive to upgrade from old tablets and previous generation iPads to a new iPad.

Trade to Upgrade gives customers the chance to swap a previous generation iPad or tablet to get a rebate to purchase a new iPad at participating Power Mac Center stores nationwide. The amount of rebate will be based on the size of the device being traded.

Any brand can be traded provided that it is in good working condition and comes with the power plug / charger. Customers wishing to avail of the program using their credit cards can take advantage of the 12 months, 0% installment payment option offered by Power Mac Center.

On top of the rebate on a new iPad purchase, the Trade to Upgrade program also entitles customers to receive a screen protector and stylus for free.

Power Mac Center’s latest offering is available only until September 30, 2014. Visit Power Mac Center stores for more details.

Power Mac Center Trade to Upgrade

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