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New WeChat 5.4 for Android launched!

WeChat 5.4 for Android

Offering a hip and exciting communications experience for Android users, WeChat, the fastest growing social communications app has recently introduced its latest version for Android–WeChat 5.4. WeChat 5.4 for android introduces four new innovative features such as Last Read Message Bookmark, “Me” Tab, Improved Search, and LinkedIn Connect.

Imagine missing a whole bunch of chat messages from your chit chats with your close friends? Now you won’t have to worry about being lost in a conversation again. After 10 or more messages, WeChat provides a handy “New Messages” notification. Simply tap “New Messages” within the chat and you’ll be taken to the start of your new messages to catch up with that long chikka minutes with them.

Apart from this, the navigation menu now exudes a different look and feel with an added fourth tab, called “Me” tab. This feature makes it easier for the user to adjust its account and privacy settings, and easily customize one’s WeChat experience the way the Android user wants it.

With all the messages and contacts saved on your mobile phone or tablet, it gets easily cluttered and makes it very difficult to locate it. Isn’t it always a struggle? But with the new Improved Search function, you’ll be able to search and find any messages and contacts with ease. With one type on the upgraded search bar, you will have a quick access on your old messages and list of contacts. Plus, you can even search through your “tags”!

For the professionals within us, WeChat 5.4 now offers LinkedIn Connect. This feature allows you to sync your LinkedIn account to add your professional contacts as WeChat friends. With this feature, you’ll be able to connect with your LinkedIn account easily. Now you can easily see your LinkedIn updates of your friends!

So what are you waiting for? Download now the new version of WeChat and experience the best upgrade on your smart phones!

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