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Dot Warriors Pair available now in Google Play and App Store on a global scale

Dot Warriors Pair

Available today, Dot Warriors Pair is a free-to-play RPG using a unique form of tap gameplay. This time, Infiniz announced that this hit game is now available globally, and will continue to provide updates as more and more users are drawn into this one-of-kind game.

Popular games such as Crossy Road and Flappy Bird became a hit sensation because of its simplicity and ease. Now, a similar game makes its way to the books as a new form of tap gaming is introduced.

Dot Warriors is a tap game with an interesting storyline. There is a classic 8-bit feel to it, which will bring you back to the good old days where games were very addictive, when fun and gameplay was the primary role of video games.

The story revolves around slaying Demon Lords that has been causing an uproar and havoc in the land by summoning monsters. You start with a hero named Geron, about to battle a Jelly Monster. In order for you to attack the monster, you will have to match the tiles shown above and tapping them in order within 2 seconds.

Follow the story, or check out the challenge mode. It is a unique game mode that allows you to acquire territories as you battle opponents based on your level.

The game has a unique upgrading system where you can reset your stats if you’re not satisfied with them. In most games, upgrading is usually a permanent action, and there’s no reset function once it’s done.

To download the app in App Store: http://goo.gl/DeX4Di
To download the app in Google Play: http://goo.gl/mGXkFN

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