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Apacer presents new industrial SSD Enhanced Data Security Technology at COMPUTEX 2015

Apacer NFC SSD

Apacer has ranked the top in revenue market share of industrial SSD for 3 consecutive years, reflecting global market’s recognition of Apacer’s innovative spirit. Apacer will present brand new, upgraded industrial SSD solutions at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015.

Data security is enhanced through protection mechanism triggered by NFC; SSD CoreAnalyzer is an innovative analysis technology to comprehensively record and analyze actual usage scenarios of SSD operation, fully exploring behavior of applications, designing the most reliable systems and providing the top services; Apacer provides high-speed, high-capacity PCIe and the SATA 3 SSD series for responding to demands of cloud computing.

With rapid development of IoT and cloud computing, data security has become a key focus for the technology industry, as all devices will be connected in the future. According to Gartner’s latest “Market Share Analysis: 2014 Global SSD and Solid-State Arrays”  report, Apacer is the top SSD supplier world-wide, reaching the position for third consecutive year. Apacer strives to enhance data security and protection from utilized software and hardware, for example, UrKey, a USB-based 2 way dongle that triggered, enabled, and removed the three major security instructions of CoreSecurity last year. This year, Apacer evolves and launches Apacer NFC SSD, as NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is safe, convenient and low power consumption. As the first line of defense, users can use smartphones with NFC function to access the Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) of SSD, and can also trigger the embedded three major instructions of CoreSecurity—CoreEraser, CoreDestroyer, and CoreProtector—through NFC.

Apacer not only provides enhanced data protection mechanism, but has also developed the exclusive CoreAnalyzer  technology, which records actual scenarios of SSD operation, including sequential/random writes and reads and analyses of user behavior, workload, and data structure, allowing industrial clients to learn the actual usage scenarios of their systems, and adopting highly reliable and stable solution.

In addition to the aforementioned new leading technologies, Apacer will also showcase a selection of high-speed, high-capacity PCIe SSD and SATA 3 SSD, including M.2 2280, 22110, and 2.5” PCIe SSD (SFF-8639 connector) , as well as the SATA 3 series that offers maximum capacity at 2TB in response to the market’s diverse and challenging demands for memory devices.

“From Apacer’s well-experiences in industrial field for years and pierce industrial trends and customers’ needs. At this year’s COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Apacer will release all-new data security technology and value-added services, such as Apacer NFC SSD safety mechanism and the exclusive CoreAnalyzer technology, which assist for improving overall protection of data, and enhance user experience. Rapid-access, high-capacity PCIe SSD and SATA 3 SSD,  will satisfy the needs of applications inenterprise  fields .” Said Jeff Lin, the Embedded Application Business Unit Director of Apacer.

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