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Moshi and the makings of a modern, fashionable man

Moshi Bags
Power Mac Center partners with the US accessories brand to premiere at Philippine Fashion Week

Gone are the days when the language of fashion remained ambiguous at best for the male population. Forget distasteful, lackluster, uninspired—men have come to their own, sartorially speaking. The rise of the modern, style-conscious man is inspired by key influencers whose serious fashion sense is changing the game for a predominantly female industry.

Transitioning from perennially boring to impeccably suave reveals just how men’s style is moving fashion-forward, even here in the Philippines. Says fashion designer Anthony Nocom, “Men’s attitude towards fashion is changing. They are trying to find out who they are and create their own style. There’s a greater sense of individualism.”

This newfound male fashion consciousness catches up on the wardrobe department and makes it easier for style visionaries such as Anthony to create and market their menswear garments. After all, as the age-old saying goes, clothes make the man.

In the case of Daniel Matsunaga—renowned model, endorser, and athlete in the Philippines—clothes do make the slick, cosmopolitan man.  At 6’1, Daniel is one towering and striking figure who effortlessly pulls off a regular henley and sweatpants just as much as a designer tuxedo and trousers. The Brazilian-Japanese hunk certainly embodies modern day excellence in men’s fashion.

“My outfits serve as a fashion statement, and they speak of being comfortable and cool,” says Daniel, who considers suits as his wardrobe staple to achieve a well-polished look.

Classic, relaxed and contemporary are attributes essential to 26-year-old Daniel when deciding his fashion agendas in clothing as in accessories. His work entails a jet-setting lifestyle that he depends on his gadgets to stay organized and digitally connected. “Being always on the go, I make sure my devices are protected and safe all the time,” he explains.

The key is to find a brand that can carry and safeguard his gadgets, according to Daniel.  The tech and fashion-savvy man in him discovered that Moshi perfectly fits the profile and more.

Daniel Matsunaga

Founded in 2005 with the vision to bring beauty to the world of electronics, Moshi leverages on product design in creating beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly accessories that meet customers’ needs in remarkable and practical new ways.

Moshi is set to premiere in the Philippine fashion scene through its collaboration with Power Mac Center. As the Official Technology Retail Partner of the Philippine Fashion Week, Power Mac Center will showcase fashion-forward mobile and digital lifestyle accessories in the country during the biggest fashion event slated for June 12-14 at the SM Aura Premier in Taguig City.

The US brand certainly has brought refinement in consumer electronics with the Moshi Urbana, a stylish and slim-fitting briefcase crafted with lightweight and durable materials that can carry a laptop and other gadgets. Weather and water-resistant, Urbana also comes with the fully adjustable and removable ViscoStrap that allows users to comfortably carry the bag over their shoulder.

Its form and function makes Moshi Urbana the perfect accessory statement bag for Daniel, a tech and fashion-savvy man who totes the laptop bag on the road to ensure that his devices are stylishly shielded from all elements.

“Moshi brings together versatility and design to come up with the perfect carry-all solution for my tech gadgets,” remarks the Power Mac Center brand ambassador for Moshi.

Moshi’s array of stylish laptop bags will be integrated seamlessly on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week, complementing Anthony’s Holiday 2015 Collection titled “A New Attitude.”

Starting off his career designing ready-to-wear clothing for the country’s biggest fashion retailer, Anthony then founded his eponymous label that focuses on creating wardrobe staples for men.

“I aim to evoke ease, comfort and self-confidence wherever the wearer finds himself,” states Anthony.

Inspired by the appealing quality of the Filipino male physique and guided by the principle of flexibility, Anthony’s latest collection is aptly named to epitomize the style transformation and unique sense of individuality of the modern, cosmopolitan man.

Anthony notes that Moshi completes the visual appeal of his collection pieces that are versatile enough to be worn on the runways or out in the streets. “Moshi is a correct match to my collection – simple, basic and does not call for attention,” he enthuses.

With its strong sense of aesthetics and utility, Moshi is indeed aligned with the modern man’s take on fashion. Moshi is available at all Power Mac Center locations nationwide. For more information, log on to www.powermaccenter.com or visit a Power Mac Center store near you.

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