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[SALE ALERT] CloudFone holds THANK YOU Sale with more 10 devices at special drop-down prices!

CloudFone Thank You Sale

In celebration of its 3 years of success in the country, CloudFone would like to give back and thank everyone through: holding a Thank You Sale with significant discounts to a total of 13 devices ranging from smartphones to tablets; a nationwide mall tour with Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, and other celebrities to visit you and an outreach program to share bags of pandesal to public school children and/or other charitable institutions.

CloudFone Thank You Sale Devices

CloudFone Thank You Sale

  • Excite 401dx – Php1,899 (from Php2,499)
  • Excite 401dx+ – Php2,199 (from Php2,199)
  • GEO400 LTE – Php3,999
  • GEO400 LTE+ – Php4,299
  • Excite 452q – Php2,999 (from Php3,999)
  • Excite 501o – Php3,999 (from Php4,999)
  • Excite 504d – Php2,799 (from Php3,499)
  • Cloudpad Epic 7.0 – Php2,999 (from Php3,799)
  • Cloudpad Epic 7.1 – Php4,999 (from Php5,999)
  • Cloudpad Epic 8.0 – Php7,999 (from Php9,999)
  • Cloudpad 700FHD – Php6,999 (from Php8,999)
  • Cloudpad 700qtv – Php3,299 (from Php3,499)
  • Cloudpad 900TV – Php3,999 (from Php4,999)

Note: The devices are available for purchase in CloudFone stores nationwide.

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