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Rogue Life English Trailer Now Live

Witness the bullet hell and real life simulation of the upcoming shooter x role-playing game in action! Players looking for a unique mix of game genres can now see the crossover of shooter and role-playing game in the official Rogue Life English trailer streamed via OnPlay’s YouTube channel.

Rogue Life, developed in South Korea by Hidea, is a game packed with fun, excitement and action. Its simulation of real life activities will surely appeal to casual gamers, and the RPG elements, on the other hand, will be loved by hardcore gamers. The game features cute and high-end graphics which will surely charm both adults and children.

Do not let the gleefulness of this game deceive you because it gets challenging as you progress your level. A barrage of bullets, projectiles and more are released by the monsters and the bosses to defeat you. Can you make it until the end of the stage and defeat the boss?

Rogue Life follows a group of wanderers on a quest to defeat monsters. Their goal is to restore the peace that was once brought by the courageous warriors who defeated the Demon King a very long time ago.

Rogue Life is a free-to-play game. In-app purchases are available to speed up the pace and get in-game advantages. The game will be available in the Philippines soon and will expand to more Southeast Asian territories afterwards. It will be launched in Google Play first and is planned for an App Store release.

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